Unabated encroachments absorb one-third of Diyala's potable waters, official warns


Shafaq News/ Unabated encroachments by farms and industrial facilities engulf nearly one-third of Diyala's potable water, the head of the governorate's water directorate, Murtada Jasem al-Makdoumi, said on Thursday.

"Albeit significant hurdles, lack of awareness, and lax deterrence, the directorate managed to secure potable water for many years," said al-Makdoumi, "encroachments by farmers and workers in other sectors absorb more than one-third of the potable water."

Al-Makdoumi said that a roster with the names of the violators have been submitted to the relevant authorities, but the efforts of the latter failed to deliver tangible results.

The official warned of the expansion of violations amid the growing population and sprawling neighborhoods, urging the authorities to take the necessary measures to curb this phenomenon.

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