US Embassy in Iraq issues a statement on Nasiriyah protests


Shafaq News/ The US Embassy in Iraq condemned today, Monday, the violence in Nasiriyah, praising the government's initiative to calm the tensions. 

The statement made by the Embassy said, "We closely followed the recent violence in Nasiriyah that resulted in the tragic death of several protesters and injuries to hundreds of individuals." 

The statement added, "We mourn for the victims and their families and wish those injured a swift and full recovery. We are encouraged by the steps by the Iraqi government to calm tensions, peacefully resolve the situation in Nasiriyah and bring those responsible for the violence to justice."

The embassy stressed that the victims and their families deserve complete transparency and full accountability. 

Nasiriyah city in Dhi Qar lately witnessed clashes between protesters and security forces which led to dozens of deaths and injuries from protesters, as well as several casualties among security forces.

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