UNESCO chief discuss cultural and natural Heritage collaboration with Iraq's premier, president

UNESCO chief discuss cultural and natural Heritage collaboration with Iraq's premier, president

Shafaq News/ Iraq's Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, and President Abdullatif Rashid, held separate meetings with UNESCO's Director-General, Audrey Azoulay, and her accompanying delegation for talks on on preserving the country's cultural and natural heritage.

During his meeting with Azoulay, the prime minister expressed his gratitude for UNESCO's efforts in Iraq, particularly in recovering stolen artifacts and preserving Iraq's heritage.

Al-Sudani mentioned that Iraq could benefit from UNESCO's assistance in am array of fields, including displacement, reconstruction, education, preservation of archaeological sites, and development of curricula.

Azoulay expressed UNESCO's willingness to cooperate with Iraq on cultural, scientific, and heritage issues, including support in updating curricula and aligning them with international standards.

She also stated that UNESCO is ready to send a specialized team to assist Iraq in water management through the International Hydrological Program.

Azoulay's meeting with President Rashid focused on ways to revive Iraq's heritage and antiquities and restore what has been damaged by terrorism.

The president laid emphasis of enhancing cooperation between Iraq and UNESCO in the fields of education, culture, and preservation of Iraq's heritage and cultural diversity.

President Rashid highlighted Iraq's archaeological landmarks, including a recently discovered ancient city in the northern governorate of Duhok, and called for a comprehensive archaeological survey in Iraq by a permanent team.

Azoulay praised Iraq's achievements in the cultural and educational fields and expressed UNESCO's commitment to providing support to preserve its distinguished antiquities and heritage.

UNESCO's chief also mentioned recent visits by Pope Francis and French President Emmanuel Macron to Iraq, expressing the organization's commitment to rebuilding Mosul and Iraq in general.

UNESCO has been active in Iraq since the 1950s, with a focus on safeguarding cultural heritage, promoting education, and supporting scientific research. Its work has included providing technical assistance and training to Iraqi professionals, supporting community-based initiatives for the conservation of cultural heritage, improving access to quality education, and developing curricula that promote peace, tolerance, and cultural diversity. In recent years, UNESCO has played a significant role in Iraq's efforts to recover from the destruction caused by conflicts and violence, working closely with the Iraqi government and local communities.

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