UNAMI: Rockets targeting embassies is an attempt to destabilize the country


Shafaq News / UN assistance mission for Iraq (UNAMI), said that the attack on the US embassy in Baghdad is an attempt to tamper with the security situation in the country.

UNAMI said in a statement, "Rockets targeting embassies, causing injury among Iraqi civilians, are callous attempts to destabilize the country."

"Peace and security are prerequisites to tackle urgent domestic priorities and reaffirm Iraqi sovereignty", it added.

Earlier today, a rocket attack targeted the US embassy in the Green Zone, Baghdad.

A security source told Shafaq News agency that three rockets were launched from the Karrara area in Baghdad, and were intercepted by the US C-RAM defense system.

The Iraqi security forces seized the rocket launchpad from which the rockets that targeted the vicinity of the US embassy were launched, a security source reported.

In addition, The security media cell confirmed Shafaq News agency's reports regarding a woman and a child who were injured in the attack.

Shafaq Live
Shafaq Live