U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is under attack, points to Pro-Iranian forces

U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is under attack, points to Pro-Iranian forces

Shafaq News/ On Friday, the U.S. Embassy in Iraq confirmed that it had been targeted with missiles.

An official security source told Shafaq News Agency that today, the sirens sounded in the U.S. embassy compound in the Green Zone after several rockets had been fired at the embassy.

The U.S. Embassy spokesperson issued a statement, saying, “At this point, no specific group has claimed responsibility, but indications are the attacks were initiated by Iran-aligned militias, which operate freely in Iraq.”

The statement explained that at approximately 4:15 a.m., two missiles struck the embassy complex, and no casualties were reported until the moment.

“We again call on the Government of Iraq, as we have done on many occasions, to do all in its power to protect diplomatic and Coalition partner personnel and facilities.”

The statement affirmed , "We reiterate that we reserve the right to self-defense and to protect our personnel anywhere in the world.”

Surrounded by concrete walls, security checkpoints, and surveillance cameras, the Green Zone is one of the most secure areas in the region.

On December 2, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani conveyed to U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken the country’s rejection of any attack on its territory.

PM Al-Sudani emphasized Iraq’s commitment to safeguarding the Global Coalition’s advisors present in the country.

Still, nearly daily attacks against the US-led Coalition in Iraq and Syria commenced in solidarity with Palestinians after Hamas’ attack on October 7 and the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, where more than 16,500 Palestinians were killed.

In response, the United States has conducted strikes in eastern Syria and Iraq, targeting weapons depots and storage facilities linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and its groups.

It is not confirmed if today’s targeting is related to the attacks on the U.S. bases.

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