Turkish foreign minister highlights intent to strengthen ties with Iraq

Turkish foreign minister highlights intent to strengthen ties with Iraq

Shafaq News/ Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan declared on Tuesday his country's commitment to elevating relations with Baghdad to new heights.

In a joint press conference with the Iraqi foreign minister, Fidan expressed optimism about the potential for enhanced collaboration between the two countries.

"I am pleased to be in Baghdad with our esteemed colleagues, particularly the prime minister and foreign minister. We are dedicated to advancing Turkey-Iraq relations and addressing the existing challenges between our nations. Our ties with our neighbor Iraq are paramount in our foreign policy," Fidan remarked.

He further stated, "We regard Iraq as a dependable partner with whom we can achieve strategic objectives jointly. Iraq's prosperity, security, and stability will positively affect Turkey. We also extend our support to the government led by Muhammad al-Sudani, who is committed to the path of development. This strategic endeavor positions Iraq as a pivotal center in the region. It holds significance for regional stability, and we urge other regional nations to endorse this project."

Fidan elaborated that comprehensive discussions were held on the matter of water resources. He emphasized Turkey's close monitoring of the water scarcity issue in Iraq and expressed a desire to address the challenge compassionately, particularly given the recent severe drought in the region.

In a warning issued on Tuesday evening, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan highlighted the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)'s efforts to establish a transportation network linking Iraqi territories with those in Syria. He noted that this aims to facilitate movement for the group's members, underscoring the imperative of counterterrorism measures in Iraq and Turkey.

"Our discussions today encompassed a range of topics, including the fight against terrorism. We must prevent our common adversary, the PKK, from negatively impacting our bilateral relations," Fidan asserted.

He continued, "The PKK's occupation of Sinjar, Makhmur, Qandil, and Sulaymaniyah and its aspirations to unite these areas with Syria and Iraq, disregarding borders, is concerning."

Fidan concluded, "We stand in solidarity with Iraq and advocate for the official recognition of the PKK as a terrorist organization. Turkey is fully prepared to collaborate with Iraq in confronting any terrorist entity, regardless of its name."

Minister Hakan Fidan's official visit to the Iraqi capital marks a significant juncture in the diplomatic engagement between the two nations. His arrival at Baghdad International Airport was met with a warm reception by Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein and other high-ranking officials from the Ministry.

Furthermore, Minister Fidan's itinerary includes a visit to the Kurdistan Region, underscoring the comprehensive nature of his diplomatic mission. The constructive dialogue established during this visit is expected to lay the groundwork for bolstered economic ties and strategic partnerships between Iraq and Turkey.

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