Three ISIS militants killed in a string of airstrikes in Diyala

Three ISIS militants killed in a string of airstrikes in Diyala

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Air Force has successfully carried out a precision airstrike operation against ISIS targets in the Diyala Province, killing three members of the extremist group.

A source told Shafaq News Agency that the operation targeted ISIS hideouts in the Hemrin Mountains and Hemrin Lake areas, where the terrorist group has been known to launch attacks against civilians and security forces.

Three ISIS militants were reportedly killed in the attack.

Located in eastern Iraq, Diyala has been a hotspot for terrorist activity in recent years, particularly by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The governorate shares a long border with Iran and is home to a diverse population, including Sunni and Shiite Muslims, Kurds, and other ethnic and religious minorities.

ISIS has been active in the governorate since 2014, when it captured large swathes of territory in Iraq and declared a caliphate. The group has carried out numerous attacks against civilians and security forces in the province, targeting both Sunni and Shiite communities.

In response, the Iraqi government has launched a series of military operations to eliminate the threat posed by ISIS in Diyala and other parts of the country.

Despite significant gains against the group in recent years, ISIS remains active in some parts of Diyala, using the rugged terrain to its advantage. The Iraqi security forces continue to carry out operations to degrade the group's capabilities and prevent it from regrouping.

The security situation in Diyala remains complex, with ongoing tensions between different ethnic and religious communities, as well as the threat posed by ISIS and other terrorist groups.

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