There will not financial crisis between Baghdad and Kurdistan in the 2021 budget


Shafaq News / MP Ala Talabani said that the 2021 budget would address the current financial crisis between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region.

Talabani told Shafaq News agency, "There are ongoing agreements and negotiations between the Baghdad and Erbil to solve the financial crisis, stressing that the 2021 budget included agreements between the two governments and there will be no financial crisis between them."

Regarding the current financial crisis, Talabani said, "For some time, those in charge of the Iraqi government have confirmed that the country will go through a financial crisis as a result of cheap Iraqi oil prices. Iraq is a rich country, and I believe that 93-94% of its imports are oil."

Talabani pointed out that oil prices and OPEC conditions on Iraqi oil exports negatively impacted the country's economic reality, which caused a major economic crisis.

"What the government proposed in terms of solutions to treat the economic crisis and the dollar price negatively affects the markets and the Iraqi Citizens", he added.

"Solutions need some criteria and measures that were supposed to precede this crisis, in order not to affect the lives of citizens and the living situation of the Iraqi family."

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