The intelligence service arrests 10 terrorist in Nineveh


Shafaq News / The intelligence service of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced on Wednesday that it had arrested ISIS militants in Nineveh Governorate.

A statement received by Shafaq News agency stated that, "Through continuous monitoring of ISIS gangs in Nineveh Governorate, the intelligence represented by Nineveh intelligence arrested 10 terrorists in separate areas of the governorate wanted in accordance with the provisions of Article 4/ terrorism for their affiliation with ISIS."

It explained that "the terrorists worked in the so-called Diwan al-Jund, the state of Dijlah, the state of Nineveh, and Askar in the Dabiq army, using with different names."

"Through preliminary investigations, they admitted their affiliation with ISIS and their participation in several terrorist operations against the security forces and citizens," noting that "they were referred to the judiciary to be punished fairly." The statement added.

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