The heads of the Iraqi state convene to discuss Hamdaniya fire, PM's New York visit

The heads of the Iraqi state convene to discuss Hamdaniya fire, PM's New York visit

Shafaq News/ Iraqi President Abdullatif Rashid on Sunday convened a meeting with Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani, Parliament Speaker Mohammad al-Halboosi, and Chief Justice Faiq Zeidan to deliberate on the outcomes of al-Sudani's recent visit to New York, a press release by the government's media office said.

The meeting, according to the press release, reviewed recent political and security developments, as well as the general conditions in the country.

The officeholders touched on the recent tragic fire at a wedding hall in Nineveh's district of Hamdaniya, expressing condolences to the families of the victims and wishing a speedy recovery to the injured.

The leaders, the readout said, conducted an in-depth discussion on the circumstances of the incident and pledged to provide care and support to the families of the victims and the injured.

The meeting addressed the results of Prime Minister Al-Sudani's visit to New York and his participation in the United Nations General Assembly's seventy-eighth session.

"The [presidential council] acknowledged the international attention given to Iraq's participation and praised the Iraqi government's steps in enhancing security, stability, and its commitment to sustainable development goals," it added.

The meeting also shed light on Iraq's central role in bridging differing perspectives among the countries of the region.

"They also stressed the importance of supporting the government in implementing its program and delivering services to citizens, emphasizing the need for infrastructure development in sectors such as electricity, the construction of hospitals and schools, road construction, and bridge building."

The meeting concluded with a unanimous rejection of any aggression targeting Iraqi territory, as it" contradicts principles of good neighborliness and threatens security and stability in Iraq and the region."

The participants reiterated that resolving differences and disputes should be achieved through dialogue, understanding, cooperation, and coordination.

The meeting also discussed the proposal to grant a special pardon to women and juveniles, with certain serious crimes being excluded.

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