The Shiite Framework launched its vision: let the opposition monitor the government


Shafaq News/ The Shiite Coordination Framework affirmed, on Friday, its keenness to form the largest parliamentary bloc.

In a statement, the Framework expressed readiness for launching a serious dialogue with all blocs and independents to get out of the political deadlock.

The statement pointed out the necessity of "adhering to the constitution, registering the largest bloc, and achieving the national entitlement of the three presidencies, within a unified vision in which the Framework and its allies and the Sadrist bloc and its allies participate."

"After announcing the largest bloc, the candidate for the position of prime minister would be chosen through a joint committee of the Coordination Framework and the Sadrist bloc."

The vision of the Shiite Framework states that "the opposition within the parliament will monitor the government, and will be empowered to carry out its work and be protected under the law."

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