The Iraqi Parliament calls on Al-Kadhimi to keep his advisers away from the COVID-19 vaccine file


Shafaq News / The Iraqi parliament called on Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to keep the advisory board away from the work of ministries and stop its interference in technical matters.

The head of the Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee, Kutaiba Ibrahim Al-Jubouri, said in a statement that some media outlets reported that the Prime Minister's office issued an official directive to the Ministry of Health to start an investigation to stand on the causes of the delay in contacting Pfizer regarding the vaccine.

He added that his committee, “confirms that it is aware and communicates with the Ministry of Health in all stages of confronting COVID-19”, adding that the Iraqi ministry of health is one of the first ministries in the world that have taken measures related to contracting with the CODEX, and has booked the vaccine for eight million Iraqi citizens.”

The Ministry of Health and Environment announced earlier today, Thursday, that it had started, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to address the countries producing COVID-19 to obtain it and starting vaccination campaigns as soon as possible.

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