The Court will not cancel the results of the elections, a source says


Shafaq News/ A source in the Shiite Coordination Framework revealed on Monday that an "important" meeting would be held between the Framework forces and the Sadrist bloc after the Federal Court announced its final decision regarding the appeals submitted by the parties rejecting the results.

The Court is scheduled to announce its decision next Wednesday.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, "The information received from the Federal Court indicates that the last session will be decisive on the appeals, as it will not cancel the election results, as there is no political agreement to cancel it."

He explained, "the session may reveal the decision to recount the votes in some governorates, including Baghdad, Babel, Najaf, Saladin, Nineveh, and Dhi Qar."

The source added that the forces of the Coordination Framework will meet with the Sadrist bloc following the announcement of the Court's decision to find an agreement to form a simple majority that paves the way for forming a majority government under the principles of the majority."

He pointed out that "more than one scenario is proposed for negotiation between the Framework and the Sadrist bloc, including merging into one bloc, with the Sunnis and Kurdish forces, to form a majority government that may have a longer life than all previous governments."

"Or it is possible to form a consensus government, but it is almost the least fortunate scenario, given that everyone is certain that the consensus did not achieve the aspirations of the Iraqis."

The Coordinating Framework forces oppose the election results, claiming that they are fraudulent.

The Sadrist bloc topped the election results with 73 seats and sought to form a majority government, unlike the previous governments formed by consensus among all the winners.

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