The Coordination Framework to demand from Kurds to unify and choose a candidate for the Iraqi Presidency


Shafaq News/ The leaders of the Shiite Coordination Framework would meet at the house of the head of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, to agree on a candidate for the next prime minister.

An informed source told Shafaq News Agency that all the Framework's leaders in this important meeting that will be held in the coming hours or tomorrow evening would discuss Muqtada al-Sadr's proposing the name of his cousin Jaafar al-Sadr to the premiership and demanding from the Kurds to unify their position by choosing a candidate for the Iraqi presidency.

The source added, "In case of disagreement, the Framework will nominate its candidates for the position of prime minister, including Haider al-Abadi, Qassem al-Araji, Asaad al-Eidani (the most fortunate)."

"The Shiite leaders seek to build consensus with al-Sadr under the electoral entitlements."

He added that "there is a tendency to agree on the president of the republic and the prime minister, and the Framework forces informed the Kurdish House to unify the position, either with choosing one candidate or more to vote for them in the Parliament."

According to our source, all the leaders of the Coordination Framework, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Al-Siyada Alliance, and Muqtada Al-Sadr would hold a meeting before the parliament session on March 26th to agree on the formation of the government and the portfolios.

It is worth noting that according to the results of the elections, the Sadrist Movement won 73 seats, followed by the "Progress (Takadum)" Coalition led by Muhammad al-Halboosi with 37 seats. Next, the State of Law Coalition led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with 33 seats, then the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Masoud Barzani with 31 seats.

Compared with 2018 results, The Al-Fateh Alliance lost 31 seats, taking only 17 seats in the last elections.

During this period, periodic meetings and encounters are held among all political parties to follow up many entitlements, including forming the new Iraqi government and choosing the prime minister and the president of Iraq.

Despite all discussions with the Shiite Coordination Framework, Al-Sadr insists on forming a national majority government with the participation of the winning blocs instead of a consensus government.

According to Iraq's constitution, the largest bloc in parliament can choose the new prime minister.

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