"Strife" by a journalist leads to closing private clinics in al-Muthanna


Shafaq News/ The Chief of the Iraqi Physicians in al-Muthanna, Dr. Muhannad al-Dhalemi, said on Monday that a "strife incited by a journalist" led to the closure of the private clinics in the governorate.

Dr. al-Dhalemi said in a statement to Shafaq News Agency that a journalist "cut a part of the conversation of the governor, Ahmed Manfi, with a physician and a relative to the deceased patients."

"The physicians deemed this part as an insult," he added.

"In the light of what has been shared on social media, the physicians decided to close private clinics until further notice," he continued.

"The physicians agreed that they will not reverse their decision unless Governor Manfi extends an apology."

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Shafaq Live