"Special Missions Regiment" from PMF to Kirkuk


Shafaq News / The formation of the Alawite Shrine of Al-Hashd Al-Shaab (Popular Mobilization Forces-PMF) sent today, Monday, a special-missions regiment to support the security forces in Kirkuk governorate in curbing the attacks of "ISIS" gangs.

PMF said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, "based on the directives Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi, the formation of the Alawite Shrine sends the special missions regiment to Kirkuk governorate to eliminate the remnants of ISIS and dry up its sources", indicating, "the regiment forces have stationed in vital and important sites and it will start its duties in supporting the security forces and enhancing security and stability in Kirkuk governorate".

Last week had witnessed the resurgence of some ISIS cells, as the Security media Cell announced, on Tuesday that seven casualties and injuries were reported in an attack by "ISIS" in the Hawija district of Kirkuk.

The attacks by ISIS militants have been repeated in the Kirkuk, as well as in Diyala and Saladin governorates since the beginning of this year, despite the continuous operations by the Iraqi security forces in these areas.

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