Shiite politician warns of a "new Iraqi spring"


Shafaq News/ Political impasse might have instigated a new Iraqi "spring" that might topple the entire political system, a Shiite politician warned on Saturday.

In a statement he issued earlier today, political and former minister Baqer Jabr al-Zubaidi said that public demonstrations have spawned in Baghdad, al-Hillah, Karbala, and al-Sulaymaniyah to "demand expediting the formation of the government, combat terrorism, and address the defected services system in the governorate more than six months since the election."

Al-Zubaidi warned the political forces that these demonstrations might develop to "halting the daily life of the society and state by indwelling in the streets, continuous protests, and demanding the fall of the regime...a new Iraqi spring."

"Gentlemen, settle it.. Do not hamstring it," he concluded.

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