Sherwin: economic interests, security gaps awaken the terrorist groups 


Shafaq News/ Local and security figures in Diyala voiced concerns about the resurgence of ISIS groups and their expansion into the safe territories amid a recent surge of terrorist activity.

Abu Ahmed al-Jubouri, a townsman of Sherwin, told Shafaq News Agency said that ISIS militants sheltering near the river of Diyala at the borders of al-Mansouriyah sub-district exploit the critical times during the day to wage blitz attacks on the villages. 

Al-Jubouri demanded the security authorities to deploy combat units in the area and recruit the locals in the Sahwa or al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces-PMF) groups.

The administrator of al-Mansouriyah, Arkan al-Izzawi, shed light on recent activity of ISIS militants due to security gaps allowing them to move freely between al-Mansouriyah and al-Miqdadiyah. 

"Sherwin basin is infested with sleeper cells that might pose a huge threat to the nearby villages," he said, "new security plans shall be devised to address this issue."

"A high-level security meeting will be held soon for this purpose," he added.

A local official in Diyala attributed the recent security distress in the area to the "growing political conflicts and economic extortions."

The official, who preferred to remain anonymous, undermined the threat level in the Sherwin basin despite the recent skirmishes. 

"The villages of Sherwin basin are relatively safe... The security challenge is does not tantamount to an alarming level. It only requires deploying a combat force that controls the banks of Diyala river to cut the routes of the militants," the source continued. 

"The construction material plants are the main focus behind this growing tension in al-Mansouriyah," the source said, "the sub-district houses more than 50 stone quarries. The majority of the operating quarries are located in a relatively safe area," the source explained. 

"The attacks are waged by parties with announced intentions to take over the facilities. It is a 'security vs. business partnership' kind of war. The attacks are focused on certain quarries even though many others are located in more dangerous territories," the source continued.

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