Security forces capture a drug lord in Najaf, a man distributing religious pamphlets in Baghdad


Shafaq News/ Iraqi security authorities reportedly apprehended a person distributing "religious pamphlets" in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Thursday.

A source told Shafaq News Agency that the arrestee, male born in 1979, was distributing flyers that call for shunning "Taqlid", which denotes the conformity of the Marja' teachings in the duodenal Shiite jurisprudence, near al-Nidaa mosque in the Cairo area, Baghdad.

Unknown assailants reportedly hurled a stun grenade at the residence of a civilian in al-Adhamiyah, Baghdad.

The attack, according to the source who reported the incident, caused material damages to the front yard of the house but left no human casualties.

In Najaf, the military intelligence agency and the anti-narcotics department arrested a drug lord in Kufa after armed confrontations stretching over two days.

The arrestee, who was captured along with two of his companions, managed to escape the police custody three times on previous occasions.

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