Security authorities identify the perpetrators of al-Araji's assassination attempt


Shafaq News / A security source disclosed the details of the assassination attempt the Sadrist movement leader, Hazem Al-Araji, was subjected to.

The source told Shafaq News Agency that At 17:50 local time today, Friday, and during Al-Araji's departure from the Al-Shula area to attend the Saraya Al-Salam festival, the attackers showed up riding two vehicles and exchanged fire with Al-Araji's bodyguard, injuring one of them. 

Moreover, the source indicated that a complaint had been filed against unknown persons, pointing out that Al-Shula Police Station managed to identify the perpetrators who are Firas, Ahmed, Abbas, and Hussein, Sons of Salem Muthanna Al-Kanani, Hussein Zuhair, and Muhammad Baqir Al-Salhi.

The attackers have previous clan disputes with Al-Araji and they belong to the Sadrist movement as well, the source added. 

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