Scores arrested for various charges in south Iraq

Scores arrested for various charges in south Iraq

Shafaq News/ Security forces reportedly arrested a group of persons wanted by the Judiciary for charges related to terrorism in Dhi Qar on Sunday.

A source told Shafaq News Agency that a force from the Iraqi army launched a security operation in South Nasiriyah to deter Tribal Conflicts that ravaged the governorate recently.

Fifteen persons, from a total of 25, were arrested pursuant to arrest warrants issued in accordance with Article 4/Terrorism, and dozens of weapons were seized in their custody.

Dhi Qar's Police Department reported the apprehension of an accusee who fled from custody while detained in the Nasiriyah General Hospital after sustaining gunshot wounds.

The arrestee, born in 1996, was detained for four criminal charges and lives in al-Dawaya.

In Maysan, a brawl between colleagues developed into an armed conflict and resulted in the death of one of the parties.

A source told Shafaq News Agency that the conflict that took place in the Kahlaa district South of Amarah, erupted between two men working for a Chinese oil company operating the governorate.

The Emergency Police of the Basra governorate apprehends 53 persons wanted for various charges, including seven defendants wanted for homicide.

It also seized 36 vehicles, 55 motorcycles, eight AK-47 machine guns, military equipment, and drugs.

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