Salih upon meeting IHEC and Plasschaert: Iraqi elections have an impact on the entire region

Salih upon meeting IHEC and Plasschaert: Iraqi elections have an impact on the entire region

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi President, Barham Salih, on Wednesday met with the Head and the Members of Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq, and UNAMI Chief, Jeanine Hennis Plasschaert, at al-Salam Palace in Iraq's capital city, Baghdad.

According to a readout issued by the Iraqi Presidency, President Salih discussed with his guests the upcoming parliamentary elections and its impact on the future of Iraq.

"President Salih stressed that the country next election is of critical importance as it will be held after hundreds of thousands took the streets and a broad national consensus to hold an early election in order to adjust political track and make sweeping reforms."

He added, "the upcoming election will also have impacts on the region as a whole."

"Soon, the code of conducts for the Iraqi political forces will be released. It will overarch the frameworks for electoral code of conduct based on respecting Iraqi constitution, the legal regulations, and recognizing that the elections is a decisive factor."

The President highlighted "the crucial role of the judicial power to follow up, monitor the implementation of the constitution and law, and detect fraud or other irregularities that could meddle the outcome of the elections."

"Ensuring large turnout in the elections should be our top priority. The election must be the genuine peaceful path to make the change and undertake the reforms."

"The next phase is critically important so its challenges and its concerns should be tackled," he continued, "It is vital to ensure that the election must be free, fair, and guarantee Iraqi voters rights to choose his/her political representation without fear of fraud or manipulation. It is a national task that can't be ignored or neglected."

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