Saladin investigates into granting lands to ISIS terrorists


Shafaq News/ The governor of Saladin reportedly formed an investigation committee into granting land to ISIS terrorists, a source revealed. 

 The source told Shafaq News that Saladin governor formed an investigation committee headed by the administrative assistant, the director of Tikrit municipality, and the director of legal affairs in the governorate to investigate those charged over ISIS ties who were granted lands in the governorate last month. 

 The source added that the committee was formed after receiving numerous complaints and information about the people with ISIS links among those who received lands, in addition to forgery complaints.

 The investigation committee, according to the source, will re-audit and verify those included in the decision in accordance with the legal frameworks.

 It is noteworthy that officials and citizens reported earlier to Shafaq News Agency that the wanted and ISIS terrorists were included in lands distribution decision in Saladin last month, which sparked great controversy in the governorate.

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