Saladin: Intelligence agency launches new security plan in cooperation with residents


Shafaq News / Gerges Hijab, the administrator of Assur sub-district, Saladin, revealed that the intelligence agency has launched a new plan, in cooperation with the residents, to pursue ISIS terrorists.

Hijab told Shafaq News agency that several terrorists were arrested as a result of the cooperation between the security forces and the residents.

He added that ISIS made the residents suffer when it controlled al-Shirqat left coast between 2014 and 2017, which made them determined to revenge on the terrorist organization and its members.

The official indicated that the humanitarian program that was launched to aid the families of ISIS terrorists and help them get rid of their extremist ideology, contributed, with their help, to locate many terrorists and arresting them.

The areas of al-Shirqat left coast have become heavily fortified and cannot be infiltrated by terrorist groups, according to Hijab.

The displacement camps on the Iraqi-Syrian borders (Jadaa and al-Hol camps), on the outskirts of Nineveh governorate, are constantly monitored to locate ISIS terrorists who try to live undercover in the camps claiming to be displaced people.

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