Saladin: Initial agreement on the election law


Shafaq News / The MP for Saladin Governorate, Kafaa Farhan Hussein, revealed on Wednesday that the governorate’s representatives in the parliament had reached a preliminary agreement to divide it into 3 electoral districts, indicating that there are disagreements regarding the distribution of sub-districts.

Hussein, a member of the National al-akd al-watani (National Coalition) bloc in Saladin, told Shafaq News agency that “the deputies have agreed to divide the governorate into 3 electoral districts, with differences remaining over the distribution of sub-districts,” provided that this matter will be” resolved within the next few weeks.”

Hussein pointed to "the agreement of the parliament presidency and heads of political blocs to hold daily meetings to discuss proposals about dividing the electoral districts for each governorate and to reach a final agreement to approve the upcoming election law."

The Iraqi Council of Representatives passed part of a new election law late last year under unprecedented popular protests demonstrations.

However, the differences prevented the completion of the law legislation, as the disagreements center around distribution of the districts as well as the method of voting.

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