Sadrist figure: public servants will sign in blood on obedience and loyalty


Shafaq News/ The Sadrist figure, Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi, called on the proponents of the Sadrist movement to "declare loyalty", "abide by the law", and uphold the movement in the battle against corruption.

Al-Iraqi, who is close to the Populist Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, tweeted earlier today, Sunday, "If the movement wants to be an aid to reform and the reformative project his Eminence [Muqtada al-Sadr] leads, then as a beginning, they should abandon the Judiciary appointments, refrain from paying money for appointments or rendering the job a door for extorting livelihood, salary, favoritism, or abusing influence, rather dedicate themselves for the country and the people and spare no effort to work hard and away from corruption."

Al-Iraqi called for "Obedience, trust, and centrality, and to abide by the Sharia and the law."

"Those who get jobs will sign in blood, whatever their positions are," he concluded.

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