President Barzani: Iraq is still paying the price for that mistake


Shafaq News/ On the 53rd anniversary of the March 11 Agreement, the president of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, called the Iraqi and Kurdish components to work together to protect all rights.

Barzani considered the March 11 agreement a "great victory" since it represents "the most important official document that recognized some of the rights of the Kurdish people and gave them legitimacy."

The agreement "became a main gain added to achievements of the Kurdish people, from the uprising to the establishment of the parliament, government, and federalism."

"The March 11 agreement is an ideal solution that could lead Iraq and its people to a more prosperous future to be of the most developed countries in the region and the world…But resorting to force by the Iraqi authorities brought nothing more than war, suffering, delay, and waste of the country's wealth." The Kurdish president added.

"Iraq is still paying the price for that mistake."

Barzani called on all Iraqi and Kurdish forces and parties to "learn lessons from the history."

"Let us work together to protect the rights of all Iraqi communities, the federal system, sovereignty, peace, and stability of the country. Let us all work together to build a prosperous and powerful country for a better future through acceptance, tolerance, coexistence, unity, and solidarity.

"Greetings to the souls of the martyrs."

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