Premier says Iraq's foreign policy respects the non-interference principles


Shafaq News/ Iraq's foreign policy is guided by an approach that gives precedence to mutual respect and common interests, prime minister, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, addressed the audience at the Baghdad International Dialogue Conference on Monday.

At the panel discussion organized by the Iraqi Institute for Dialogue, al-Sudani tried to convey the government's vision for economic development, foreign relations, government service, and the priorities of the current administration.

The premier highlighted the importance of balancing Iraq's relations with regional and international powers, stressing his government's commitment to maintaining sovereignty and adhering to the principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

The Prime Minister stressed that Iraq's ties with foreign powers are based on mutual respect and shared interests.

The conference provided a platform for the premier to highlight new projects included in the triennial budget bill, which includes initiatives aimed at fostering economic growth and addressing long-standing challenges disrupting government service.

Al-Sudani emphasized the vitality of economic reform as a means of achieving sustainable development and meeting the needs of all citizens across Iraq.

The prime minister also spoke about the government's efforts to combat corruption, which is a major challenge in Iraq. He highlighted addressing this issue as indispensable for meeting the aspirations of Iraqi citizens.

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