Popular concern over the escape of wanted persons in Diyala


Shafaq News / The director of Abu Saida sub-district, Abdullah Al-Hayali, confirmed on Thursday the stability of the security situation, while residents expressed their concern about the escape of wanted persons.

Al-Hayali told Shafaq News agency that the Rapid Response Regiment that took over the security file in the sub-district achieved a clear security and social stability by 80%.

He added, "The law enforcement plan is proceeding with clear steps and successes, which reflected positively on the social conditions and optimism for the demise of tribal conflicts and deterring all those who tamper with the security and stability of the district.

In their turn, the residents of Abu Saida expressed their concern about the escape of wanted persons to the surrounding villages, as soon as the law enforcement plan was launched.

Several district residents told Shafaq News, "About 25-30 wanted persons in Abu Saida who are responsible for the security and tribal chaos have fled outside the district," explaining that "their arrest is an end to most of the problems of Abu Saida."

Abu Saida district has witnessed many clan conflicts for several years, causing the displacement, death and injury of hundreds of citizens.

It is also subjected to terrorist attacks now and then as it contains dense orchards that have turned into shelters and safe hideouts for armed groups.

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