Parliament starts questioning the head of the Iraqi Media Network

Parliament starts questioning the head of the Iraqi Media Network

Shafaq News/ On Tuesday, the Iraqi Parliament started questioning the Iraqi Media Network head, Nabil Jassim.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that the Acting Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, opened Session No. (7) of the fifth electoral Session after a quorum was completed in the presence of 169 representatives.

For its part, the Parliament's Media Department said that the first paragraph of the Session's agenda was initiated by questioning the head of the Iraqi Media Network.

Notably, the questioning session was scheduled for January 2024, but the Iraqi Parliament's Presidency postponed it upon Jassim's request.

According to Iraqi deputies, Jassim would be questioned over alleged financial and administrative violations, as well as "incompetence" and spreading "misinformation."

Iraqi lawmaker Raed al-Maliki, a member of the legal committee who is leading the questioning, told Shafaq News Agency that the "topics, questions, and accusations" against Jassim are "diverse and varied," including administrative and financial violations, misinformation, and lack of qualification for the position.

"There are no personal motives behind this questioning, and we are surprised by some of the statements that have been made, especially by the head of the parliamentary culture and media committee, who said that the questioning is personal," Maliki said.

"The matter concerns files and accusations submitted to the Iraqi parliament when the network of secretaries was questioned at the time."

Maliki stressed that he is "surprised by the fact that a pre-emptive endorsement was given to the head of the Iraqi State Media Network and that there are no files against the head of the network with the parliamentary culture committee.

Maliki pointed out that "legally and constitutionally, every member of parliament has the right to ask questions, and the matter is not dependent on parliamentary committees."

Maliki explained that "the number of documented questions and accusations that have been notified to the head of the Iraqi State Media Network is about 18 questions and accusations. It is important to note here that the head of the network did not respond to the Parliament on the issue of questioning despite submitting official requests. This will also be added to the questions."

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