PM al-Sudani orders a "comprehensive assessment" for all top intelligence officers in Iraq


Shafaq News/ Iraq's Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani, on Saturday ordered a "comprehensive assessment" for all top intelligence officers in the country in a bid to develop the intelligence action and avoid security breaches.

Al-Sudani, according to a readout issued by his bureau, headed a meeting of the National Commission for Intelligence Cooperation earlier today. The meeting was attended by the national security advisor, the army's chief-of-staff, the deputy commander of the Joint Operations Command (JOC), and the heads of all Iraqi intelligence bodies.

The meeting touched upon the situation of the intelligence bodies in Iraq over the outgoing year and the room they have for development. The attendees shed light on the priorities of this field of security action and the obstacles impeding its progress.

Al-Sudani ordered a complete assessment for all the commanders involved in the intelligence action in Iraq, stressing that it requires quality rather than quantity.

The prime minister praised the efforts of the intelligence bodies' role in combating terrorism and organized crime, and ordered the leaders to ramp up preemptive operations, develop the technical and human resources of their underlings, and establish high-level cooperation with other agencies.

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