PM al-Kadhimi: we must know why Iraqi youth tend to adopt extremist ideologies


Shafaq News/ Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi stressed the need to uncover the reasons for some Iraqi youth to adopt extremist ideologies.

"We have to look into the reasons why some of our youth are involved in violence, and we have to reveal the reasons. These include ignorance, neglect of health and education, and lack of concern for human dignity", PM al-Kadhimi said in a speech.

He added, "Extremism and violence have become a global phenomenon due to the repercussions of technology and major changes in the world. In Iraq, we are witnessing a special phenomenon. Violence in our society has causes, including the failure of the state and governments."

"Our society suffers from many repercussions, and we must all cooperate to treat them", he said, noting that the most important thing is to find the reasons behind this dominating violence.

The Prime Minister added that Iraq is very well known for its diversity, "We have to turn this diversity into a source of strength, rather than weakness. Some countries spend huge money to maintain diversity in their societies."

"We have to work together to fight corruption, and the government has made great efforts to do so. It is still facing great challenges because of the measures it set in this regard, and the party concerned with fighting corruption still receives public threats", he concluded.

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