PM al-Kadhimi: the Baghdad airport attack aims to damage Iraq's reputation


Shafaq News / Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi denounced the attack on the Baghdad International airport today.

PM al-Kadhimi said that the attack is an attempt to damage Iraq's reputation and the Iraqi airlines, and destabilize the security situation.

He added that the attack is part of a series of drone and rocket attacks that target civil and military state institutions, to affect the prestige of the law and the public interests.

He warned that the security forces will respond to those who serve foreign agendas and carries out the attack, calling on all Iraqi and International parties to denounce the attack and support the Security forces.

The Prime Minister addressed Iraq's neighboring countries demanding them not to impose travel restrictions with Iraq.

The Security Media Cell disclosed new details about the attack that targeted the Baghdad International airport today.

The Cell said in a statement, "outlaw terrorist gangs targeted the Baghdad International airport today at dawn, with six Katyusha rockets."

The rockets landed in the airport apron, and damaged two aircraft of the Iraqi airlines, according to the statement.

It noted that the security forces had found three rockets in a launchpad in Abu Gharib district, adding that new leads had been found and the perpetrators will soon be arrested and held accountable for what they did.

Earlier today, six missiles at least targeted the Baghdad International airport today, Friday, a security source reported.

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