Only 5% of voters have not received their electoral IDs in Nineveh, IHEC says


Shafaq News/ The High Electoral Commission's office in Nineveh revealed that only 90,000 voters, or about 5% of the voters, had not received their electoral IDs in the governorate.

The office's media official, Sufian al-Mashhadani, told Shafaq News Agency, "Out of 1,700,000 updated electoral IDs in Nineveh, only about 90,000 voters did not receive their cards."

"Today evening, at ten o'clock, these cards will be transferred to the IHEC office to be sent to the High Electoral Commission in the capital, Baghdad", he added.

Last September, IHEC's office in Nineveh revealed a wide turnout by citizens to update their records in preparation for their participation in the polling day.

However, al-Mashhadani added, "The number of biometric cards that have been recently updated has reached 1,700,000, equivalent to about 70% of the number of eligible voters throughout the governorate."

"There has been a remarkable citizens presence in data update centers recently, after it was confirmed that the elections will be held on their scheduled date."

He noted that the areas south of Mosul recorded the highest percentage in updating records compared to the rest of the governorate.

It is worth noting that 423 candidates are competing in eight constituencies in Nineveh Governorate, to win 34 parliamentary seats.

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