Nineveh tribes warn of a "Tsunami" threatening the governorate


Shafaq News/ The Prince of al-Jubour, Sheikh Abdul Razaq al-Wakaa, warned of the "moral deterioration and drug abuse" that accompanies transferring families of ISIS members from al-Hol camp to al-Jadaa camp in Nineveh, calling for relocating the camp to a remote area.

In a press statement today, Wednesday, al-Wakaa deemed this move as a "time bomb" that aims to "return ISIS tsunami and cause instability".

"Al-Jadaa compound negatively influenced the community by spreading turpitude and drug abuse. Every day we find newborn babies in dumpsters inside the camp."

"Inside those camps, some of the terrorists' wives are funding terrorism," calling for transferring "the displaced persons' compounds" in the west of al-Qayarah and al-Jazirah to remote areas to "distance the threat of the terrorists from South of Mosul and oil, gas, sulfur fields in al-Qayarah."

Earlier today, MP of Nineveh, Shirwan al-Doberdani, revealed that 100 families (nearly 700 individuals) were transferred from al-Hol camp in Syria to al-Jadaa camp. 

People of Nineveh described the events as "dangerous", calling for rehabilitating those families intellectually.

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