NSA discloses details of Basra's largest oil smuggling operation


Shafaq News / The National Security Agency revealed on Friday the details of the ongoing investigation into the "largest oil smuggling operation" that took place in Basra, and was carried out by prominent security personnel.

This came in a press conference held by the agency's spokesman, Arshad Hakem, who said that the operation was carried out through three stages.

He indicated that the officers' task was to secure protection for smugglers when withdrawing crude oil, as well as securing the movement of the oil tanks.

Hakem added that the oil well from which crude oil was being smuggled is located 5 km from the international highway, and that the smuggling process takes place at night through 20-30 oil tankers that have been modified to load 36 - 44 thousand liters.

He added that the process continued for a whole month, and investigations are underway with 49 perpetrators, including officers, security members, and smugglers.

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