More than 40 people were wounded in Dhi Qar demonstrations


Shafaq News / More than 40 people were wounded during demonstrations in central Dhi Qar, Health Department announced, on Saturday.

The spokesman for the department, Ammar Al-Zamili told Shafaq News Agency, "41 people were wounded in Nasiriya in which 25 protesters and 16 security forces.”

In turn, Shafaq News Agency correspondent reported that the security forces fired bullets intensively near the building of Dhi Qar governorate to disperse the demonstrators who refused the appointment of Abdul-Ghani Al-Asadi as the new governor.

Violent clashes in Nasiriya over the past six days killed two demonstrators and injured dozens of other demonstrators and police.

The demonstrators are demanding the dismissal of Governor Nazem Al-Waeli.

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