Military Intelligence seizes ammunition and explosives in Nineveh and al-Anbar


Shafaq News/ The Military Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense seized weapons, ammunition, and military equipment in two separate operations in Nineveh and al-Anbar.

A statement of the Directorate issued today, Sunday said, "in coordination with the Intelligence of the west Nineveh Operations Command, a force from the Military Intelligence detachments in the 15th Division in cooperation the second regiment of the 73rd Infantry Brigade seized 23 120mm mortar shells, three IEDs, and a UAV missile, in al-Abra village of Tal Afar sub-district, western Nineveh."

"EOD squads detonated the ammunition on-site without damages," the statement said.

Another statement of the Directorate said that Military Intelligence in the 10th division, cooperating with the second regiment of the 39 Infantry Brigade and coordinating with the al-Anbar Operations Command's military intelligence, seized four 120mm and 60mm mortar shells and two explosive devices in al-Tharthar desert in al-Anbar. EOD squads successfully destroyed the seizures on-site, the statement said.

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