Less than a week from a deadly Diyala attack, security forces thwart an attack on a village


Shafaq News/ Iraqi security forces reportedly fended off a "terrorist" attack targeting a farming village on the outskirts of Diyala's al-Salam district, northeast Baqubah, on Sunday.

The source told Shafaq News Agency that a group of unknown assailants, who are believed to be members of an extremist organization, opened fire on the Harouja village, 14 kilometers in the northeast of al-Salam district.

The security forces stationed in the area, in addition to a group of locals, rushed to the location and responded to the source of the fire.

"No casualties were reported," the source said.

The incident comes less than a week after a deadly attack on al-Bu Bali attack that left at least nine dead.

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