Legal expert: Coordination Framework's appeal for the largest bloc is useless 


Shafaq News/ The expert in Iraqi law, Tariq Harb, undermined the Coordination Framework's appeal for the largest bloc during yesterday's parliamentary session that witnessed the head of Takaddom bloc, Mohammad al-Halboosi, retaining the chair of the Parliament Speaker for a second mandate. 

The Framework submitted a list of lawmakers' names it claimed hold the biggest parliamentary bloc with 88 seats, rather than al-Sadr. 

Chaos erupted briefly in the chamber, during which legislators crowded around al-Mashhadani, who was leading the session.

Following the disruption, the parliament session resumed, although the issue of the majority was not immediately resolved.

Later, 200 legislators picked incumbent Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi for a second term, while 14 voted for al-Mashhadani.

"The elected Parliament Speaker, Mohammad al-Halboosi, should have presented the Sadrist movement's request to register the largest bloc to vote...The appeal forwarded by the Coordination Framework has no constitutional or legal both in form, given it was handed to the elder member, not the speaker, and content, because there is no bloc named the Coordination Framework. We have multiple blocs: the State of Law, al-Fatah (Conquest) , al-Nasr (Victory), al-Hekmah (Wisdom)."

Earlier on Monday, a source told Shafaq News Agency that the head of the Sadrist bloc, Hasan Al-Azzari, submitted a list of 76 Sadrist MPs. 

The list did not include the Independent MPs and subsidiary lists that joined the Sadrist bloc later, the source said.

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