Kurdish lawmakers demand Iraq's legislative, executive authorities take measures against Iran, Turkey's attacks


Shafaq News/ The Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi parliament called for issuing legislation that hinders the Iranian and Turkish attacks against the Kurdistan region, a joint statement said on Monday.

The Kurdish blocs, according to the statement, denounced the recently-repeated attacks as a "flagrant violation of the sovereignty of Iraq and the Kurdistan region by neighboring countries."

"Condemnations and investigation committees are no longer sufficient and does not hinder those repeating attacks," it said, "we call you, as a council of representatives, to take a proper legislative stance that prevents those attacks and denounces them."

"We demand the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Turkish State to stop their violation of the international norms, good neighborliness, and regional stability."

The Kurdish blocs also called for inviting the new government to tomorrow's session in order to" take a practical stance that preserves the country's sovereignty."

The statement urged the international community to supply Iraq with aerial defense systems to fend off future attacks and the United Nations to issue a "clear and frank" against Iran and Turkey's attacks.

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