Kirkuk health department issues new COVID-19 measures amid low vaccine turnout


Shafaq News / The Kirkuk Health Department expressed concern over low vaccine turnout, indicating that new measures will be taken to confront the outbreak of COVID-19. 

The Director-General of the Kirkuk Health Department, Nabil Hamdi Bouchnak, said in a statement that due to the surge in the number of cases and the reluctance of citizens to take the vaccine, and in order to protect the citizens from nonscientific voices undermining the vaccination process, a set of measures had been issued, including the deployment of healthcare teams in the markets, and fining those who violate the laws. 

"Any mall, shop, or restaurant will be closed unless its workers carry a vaccination card," he said, calling on airline offices no to book tickets for any citizen unless he submits his vaccination card.

He stressed, "Awareness campaigns about vaccination are still ongoing", adding,  "The anti-corona virus vaccine will not be given to pregnant women and those under 18."

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