King Charles III affirms solidarity with Iraq


Shafaq News / King Charles III of Britain reiterated on Tuesday the UK's firm standing with Iraq as a friend and ally to bolster peace, security, and well-being for all Iraqis. The monarch expressed his aspiration towards mutual cooperation between the two countries.

Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, the President of Iraq, received a written letter from King Charles III during a welcoming ceremony held at the Baghdad Palace. The royal delegation included Her Royal Highness Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, accompanied by Mark Bryson Richardson, the British Ambassador to Iraq.

The British Monarch, in his message, expressed gratitude towards the Iraqi President for attending his recent coronation at Westminster Cathedral in London earlier this month.

King Charles III emphasized the historic friendship that ties the UK and Iraq, expressing his hope that these close relations, based on historic ties, will be reinforced and modern partnerships will be established to collectively confront global challenges including climate change, global security, and human rights.

The British monarch declared, "Our thoughts and prayers are with the Iraqi people who have borne the brunt of suffering and pain, especially recently, due to the brutality of ISIS and other extremist terrorist groups." He praised President Rashid's efforts to support the affected population, reaffirming the UK's commitment as an ally and friend to Iraq.

In response, President Rashid extended his greetings to King Charles III and wished prosperity, progress, and well-being for the British people. He emphasized the importance of strengthening and developing their bilateral relations in various fields of mutual interest.

Rashid stated that Iraqi cities are witnessing significant security stability. The government is working through an ambitious program to construct schools, hospitals, rehabilitate infrastructure, and enhance living standards. Efforts are being made to expedite budget approval and implement government programs.

He also highlighted the complex conditions and suffering of displaced Iraqis due to the lack of health, education, and social services. Rashid reiterated that the government is committed to resolving the displacement issue and hopes the United Nations, responsible for this file, will exert more efforts in line with the scale of the human tragedy of the displaced.

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, expressed her gratitude for the warm reception and expressed her delight to visit Iraq. She confirmed her support in strengthening mutual ties and cooperation between the two countries.

The Royal missive by King Charles III further emphasized the deep-rooted camaraderie between the United Kingdom and Iraq.

The text of King Charles III's message follows: Buckingham Palace May 18, 2023 Dear Mr. President, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to you and the people of Iraq. I am most grateful to you for your kind letter on the occasion of Noruz celebrations and for representing Iraq at my Coronation in London earlier this month. The relationship between the UK and Iraq is long and historic and unique in the region. I hope that during my reign our countries will build on our historical links to create a modern partnership through which we can work together to address challenges that matter to us all, including climate change, international security and human rights. My thoughts and prayers have been with the people of Iraq who have endured so much, most recently at the hands of Daesh and other terrorist groups. Your effort to support those populations which have been so drastically affected is greatly appreciated and I do hope that they will be able to access meaningful justice, having suffered so terribly. I have long been eager to see us work towards freedom of religion or belief for everyone, everywhere. The UK stands beside Iraq as a friend and ally in order to support the peace, prosperity and security of all Iraqi people. I look forward to our two countries working together to achieve this. Most sincerely, Charles R

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