KDP: the Presidency of the Republic is an entitlement of the Kurds


Shafaq News/ Leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Hoshyar Zebari, asserted that the President of the Republic shall be a Kurd in accordance with the applicable norms since 2003, hinting at a potential second term for the speaker of the dissolved parliament, Muhammad al-Halboosi.

In a press conference he held earlier today, Tuesday, "the Presidency will remain for the Kurds. This is inevitable. However, it is too early to name the figure that will take over next."

"The Kurdish side will choose from within a person who has the right to take over the Presidency," he stressed.

Zebari undermined al-Halboosi's statements about a Sunni assuming the Presidency, "the issue of Presidency has become a custom. The President shall be a Kurd. Al-Halboosi can get a second chance as a Parliament Speaker." 

"There are legal proceedings to challenge the election results," he said, "the election is just and clean. Declining it and taking the streets will only create chaos. There will be a catastrophe. This scenario shall not happen. The parties making threats shall realize the risks of such a step."

"Resorting to arms will have catastrophic consequences," he continued, "but I do not think it will happen."

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