KDP reveals the most prominent files to discuss with Baghdad


Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) announced, on Tuesday, the most prominent files that will be carried by the joint Kurdish delegation, which would visit Baghdad to discuss the formation of the next Iraqi government.

Sabah Sobhi, a representative of the Democratic Party, told Shafaq News Agency, "The Kurdish parties, agreed to form a unified negotiating committee from the two main parties that will head to Baghdad next week to discuss with all political parties forming the new Iraqi government after the Federal Court announced its final approval of the Results."

He added, "The Kurdish committee or delegation will discuss the files that are in the interests of the Kurds."

Sobhi said, "The most prominent files that the Kurdish delegation will discuss is Article (140) related to the disputed areas, the Federal Council and articles related to rights, freedoms and equal opportunities, as well as the issue of budget and salaries and the file of martyrs, in addition to the issue of the Peshmerga forces. Some call them militias while they are border guards."

"Forming the government according to the consensus path or the majority will not affect our relations or alliances. What matters to us is to achieve the general interest of the Kurds." He confirmed.

Concerning the position of the Iraqi Presidency, Sobhi stressed, "So far, there are no discussions in this regard, and those discussions may focus after the approval of the Federal Court on the results to agree on the appropriate candidate for the position."

About the Kurdish talks in Baghdad, Sobhi said, "the talks will start with the Sadrist bloc, but so far it has not been determined whether the meeting will take place in Baghdad or Najaf, and then with the leaders of the Coordination Framework, followed by meetings and discussions with the Sunni forces."

It is noteworthy that the Democratic Party won 31 seats, while the Kurdistan Alliance won 17 seats in the last Iraqi elections.

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