Iraqi security forces toward an infiltration attempt from Syria near mount Sinjar


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi security forces successfully foiled an infiltration attempt of a terrorist group into the Iraqi territory from Syria, and a security officer was killed in action.

In a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, the Joint Operations command said, "a force from the Third Regiment, the Sixth Brigade, in the Sixth Zone Border Command, responded last night to a terrorist group attempting to cross from the Syrian side towards Iraqi lands to the west of Mount Sinjar."

"At the same time, our hero forces clashed with another terrorist group from inside the Iraqi territories on Mount Sinjar after the latter opened fire at the same regiment. The clashes continued for half an hour, after which the infiltration was aborted, and the terrorists fled into the Syrian territory," it added.

"Another force from the border sectors pursued the militants on Mount Sinjar and clashed them with various weapons, and the terrorists fled," the statement indicated, "the incident led to the death of an officer of the third regiment, the sixth brigade."

"The Joint Operations Command has directed the Western Nineveh Operations Command to provide support to all border outposts and the army and airforce aviation to promptly deliver aerial support for all units."

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