Iraqi officials meet senior US military personnel to discuss US forces' exit from Iraq 

Iraqi officials meet senior US military personnel to discuss US forces' exit from Iraq 

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced that it has held new talks with the US military leaders to end the presence of the Global coalition combat forces in Iraq.

 The Command said in a statement that the National Security Adviser, Qassem Al-Araji, hosted today a meeting between the Iraqi Military Technical Committee, headed by the Deputy head of the Joint Operations Command, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, and US counterpart, Major General John Brennan, and several other senior military personnel. 

 The statement indicated that the parties discussed the coalition's exit plans.

The deputy chief of staff of the Iraqi army, commanders of weapons, the director of military intelligence, and the representative of the Ministry of Peshmerga presented a summary of their operations and plans to work with the coalition forces after switching to their advisory, non-combat mission.

 The parties shed light on the process of evacuating more than 2,100 shipments of military equipment from Iraq, within the framework of the ongoing transition of missions. 

 The parties also reaffirmed their commitment to the ongoing partnership between the Iraqi security forces and the coalition, noting that the latter will continue supporting the Iraqi security forces through providing advice and assistance.

 The parties also shed light on the successful transfer of ownership of equipment to the Iraqi side during the past months, which included more than 1,800 armored vehicles, regular vehicles, and water tanks.

 The Iraqi government reiterated its commitment to protecting the members of the Global Coalition who provide advice and assistance to the Iraqi security forces, pointing that the coalition is deployed in Iraq upon the request of the Iraqi government.

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