Iraqi factions will not stand idly if U.S. intervenes in Palestine to back Israel: al-Ameri

Iraqi factions will not stand idly if U.S. intervenes in Palestine to back Israel: al-Ameri

Shafaq News/ Hadi al-Amiri, a prominent figure in the Coordination Framework and the head of the "Building" electoral alliance, on Monday said that they would target the U.S. if it intervened alongside Israel against Palestinians, reiterating an unwavering support for the Palestinian cause.

Amiri made these statements during a meeting with Iraqi tribal leaders, as reported by Shafaq News Agency.

He said, "the achievements in Palestine, which were beyond the reach of all Arab armies, are being realized. The new Iraq stands by the Palestinian cause, and we will not waver in our support."

He continued, "All Arab leaders abandoned the Palestinian cause, leaving only the Islamic revolution and resistance factions to support it. Today, it's the will of the Palestinian people that prevails, and the Palestinian cause is now desired by the followers of Ahl al-Beit and religious authorities."

"We proudly say that the Palestinian people have achieved a significant victory against the Zionist enemy," he added, "No one could have imagined that Palestine would achieve this victory against the Zionist entity, and the failure of Zionist intelligence."

He stressed that as Iraqis, especially those who are part of the 1920 Revolution, they must support the legitimate Palestinian cause wholeheartedly. He warned that if "the United States intervenes in Palestine, we will intervene and have no hesitation in targeting."

On a different note, Amiri acknowledged that "the stance of the Supreme Religious Authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, prevented the eruption of sectarian war in Iraq." He emphasized that when ISIS occupied one-third of Iraq, tribes rallied to protect it from collapse.

He also credited Iran for its support in Iraq's fight against ISIS, saying, "If it were not for the tribes responding to the blessed religious authority's fatwa, we would not have been able to defeat the terrorist ISIS. If it were not for the Islamic Republic of Iran's stance and support, we would have been news history."

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