Iraqi National Accord declares non-participation in upcoming provincial council elections

Iraqi National Accord declares non-participation in upcoming provincial council elections

Shafaq News / In a statement released on Sunday, the Iraqi National Accord, under the leadership of Ayad Allawi, announced their decision not to participate in the upcoming elections for provincial councils. This decision was made in what they described as "solidarity with the demands of the Iraqi people," considering these councils as "unnecessary and a gateway to corruption."

The coalition stated that "the history of the Iraqi National Accord is filled with patriotic actions and stances. These actions played a role in undermining tyrants and dictatorship. The struggle of the National Accord and its leader, Ayad Allawi, has been a prime expression of the hopes and aspirations of the Iraqi people, standing at the forefront of defending the noble values of a free and dignified life."

The statement highlighted the coalition's support for the peaceful October uprising and its culmination in the resignation from the Council of Representatives. It also acknowledged the heroic youth who sacrificed themselves for the cause of freedom, resulting in hundreds of martyrs and tens of thousands of wounded and disabled individuals. "These sacrifices were symbolic of the people's determination to combat corruption, rise against the tyranny of political parties and occupation, and advocate for specific slogans related to the quest for a homeland and a state founded on justice and equality."

The coalition emphasized that "the abolition of the provincial councils was among the fulfilled demands, a step taken to block the avenues of corruption and suspicious maneuvering. This achievement was realized through the bloodshed of martyrs and the wounded."

The statement reiterated the belief that "these councils are an unnecessary addition to the state structure, serving as a means for certain forces to exploit the people's resources."

Despite initial intentions to participate in the elections due to their service-oriented nature, the coalition later reversed its stance after assessing the prevailing corruption and foreign influence. These factors have cast a shadow over the electoral process, coupled with the continued significance of political funding that remains a significant and fundamental player in the democratic façade.

The statement argued that "reverting to the old election system would be a way to evade the demands of the Iraqi people, particularly those expressed by the October protesters."

"While the PM, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, has been attempting to achieve these demands, the forces of corruption are more powerful than his intentions."

The statement viewed this as "an expression of the National Accord’ pride in the October uprising and its noble demands put forth by the peaceful protesters."

As a result, the coalition announced its decision not to participate in the upcoming elections for provincial councils, a decision reached after consultations among its leadership and affiliated parties.

"This decision is a show of respect for the martyrs' blood and the sacrifices of the honorable protesters. It is also a continuation of the coalition's support, which began since the establishment of the National Accord over forty years ago, defending freedom, democracy, and social justice. During this period, our dearest people sacrificed themselves for the path of freedom and resistance against oppression and corruption under the banner of the National Accord."

The coalition acknowledged that provincial councils are a democratic practice reflecting the people's involvement in managing their affairs, and they endorse this concept. "However, the exploitation of these councils by corrupt forces and entities has led them to firmly believe that now is not the right time to revive them, especially after they were shattered by the peaceful protests of October."

The coalition pledged to the honorable Iraqi people that they will continue to stand at the forefront of expressing their aspirations and visions for a dignified and free life. Thus, they work for an integrated nation with equal and fair citizenship, devoid of minorities, quotas, and sectarian politics.

The statement concluded, "This statement was prepared on the thirteenth of August by the leadership of the National Accord and its allies within the National Coalition. Its announcement is in support and endorsement of the peaceful October uprising."

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