Iraqi Health Ministry provides update on Hamdaniya fire response

Iraqi Health Ministry provides update on Hamdaniya fire response

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Ministry of Health, on Thursday, offered the latest updates regarding the health-related developments in the wake of the tragic fire incident at the wedding hall in the Hamdaniya district of Ninawa province.

Ruba Falah Hassan, from the Ministry of Health's media office, informed Shafaq News Agency, "From the very outset, Minister Saleh Al-Hasnawi ordered a complete healthcare mobilization across all healthcare sectors in Ninawa province and neighboring areas. This included the preparation of all emergency rooms and facilities in Nineveh, Saladin, and Kirkuk provinces."

Hassan continued, "A team of healthcare professionals was dispatched to hospitals in Ninawa, especially to the Hamdaniya Hospital. Additionally, ambulances, medical supplies, and blood bags for various blood types were sent to the Nineveh Health Directorate."

She detailed, "The Ministry of Health dispatched approximately 36,000 ampoules and antibiotic bottles, 53,000 intravenous solution bottles of various types, 3,000 burn ointment tubes, and 6,500 pieces of medical supplies from the State Company for Marketing Drugs and Medical Appliances."

Hassan further added, "A team from the National Blood Transfer Center in the Public Development Bank was also sent, along with 650 plasma bottles and 400 blood bags to the Ninawa Blood Bank. Nineveh’s Health Directorate was also reinforced with specialized teams from the Directorate of Forensic Medicine, which have begun their duties."

"In addition," she explained, "there is support from Kirkuk Health Directorate, which sent 3,000 intravenous solution bottles, 1,000 burn and wound ointment tubes, 2,100 antibiotic medications, 3,000 various medical supplies, and 5 ambulance vehicles with their respective teams."

Hassan continued, "Saladin Health Directorate sent 20 ambulance vehicles with their medical staff, along with 2,100 intravenous solution bottles, 1,000 antibiotic medications, and assorted medical supplies. The support is ongoing, and efforts remain intensive."

She emphasized that, as stated by the minister, "All cases have been addressed in Ninawa hospitals except for 35 cases transferred for treatment to healthcare institutions in Erbil and Dohuk. There is no final tally for the number of casualties as of yet."

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